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Best Investment Apps

5 Best Investment Apps In July 2022

This list lists the best stock trading software for beginners. Although we do not accept any commissions, our main goal is to offer the best possible user experience. This aligns with the site’s ultimate goal: long-term wealth building.

It is common to invest in low-cost funds that you plan on holding for long periods.

Here are some of the best stock trading applications for beginners. This list highlights the top stock trading apps and best stock investing app.

1. Robinhood: Best Stock Trading App for Beginners

Robinhood became the first stock trading platform that doesn’t charge trading commissions. If they wanted to continue being relevant to retail investors, others in the industry could not resist following suit. investments

Similar to Robinhood, there have been many other stock trading apps that have emerged in recent years. Many of these options are included on this list.

Best Investment Apps
Best Investment Apps

service provides

The service provides commission-free stock trading as well the opportunity to make ETF trades. Options trading and penny stock investment are also available. Robinhood does NOT support mutual funds through its mobile app, or on its desktop trading platforms.

2. Webull – Popular Investment App for Trading US Stocks

Webull has a popular Android and iOS investment app. The app is available for free and registration takes only minutes. After being verified, Webull lets its users deposit funds via ACH or domestic bank wire. It is best to choose the latter, which is completely free.

Webull will also charge an $8 transaction fee if you choose to wire domestic banks. Webull doesn’t require minimum deposits to open standard trading accounts. Webull is the best app to invest in US-listed stocks.trade stocks

Trade Stocks

Webull users can trade stocks at 0% commission in thousands of companies listed on NASDAQ and NYSE. You only need to trade $5 for a stock trade, making diversification easy and cost-effective. Webull supports only a handful of hundred ADRs, so those looking to invest in stocks overseas will be disappointed.

3. Acorns

Acorns is for beginners to the worlds of investing. Acorns syncs with either your debit or credit cards so that any purchases you make round up to the nearest dollar and the difference is deposited into your investment account. Acorns, which invests the money on your behalf depending on the level and risk of investment you select, is one of the most popular apps for micro-investing. Read Review

  • *Superb for beginners
  • *Ranges of investment plans
  • *Turns spare change into profit
Best Investment Apps
Best Investment Apps


E*TRADE’s mobile app suite is top-rated, and it’s available for both Android phones and iPhones. E*TRADE includes the E*TRADE Mobile app which can be used for everyday investing and the Power E*TRADE App, which can be used to trade more.

E*TRADE Mobile offers many features, and is great for investors who are more advanced than beginners. Charting is available with 10 indicators and advanced research reports. It is simple to navigate the app, and it offers many new features.

Power E*TRADE on the other hand, allows for complex orders to trade, with advanced options orders and more than 100 charting indicator. This platform is powerful and offers advanced tools for active traders. The app’s modern design and interface makes it easy to use.

5. TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade, a leading mobile app provider for Android and iPhone in 2022, offers two powerful apps and $0 commissions for trades. The suite includes TD Ameritrade Mobile that closely resembles the client’s web portal, and the powerful thinkorswim application, whose advanced charting and tools mirror what you can find in its desktop and web counterparts.

TD Ameritrade Mobile is a great tool for everyday investors. Features include news, price alerts, basic charts and syncing watches lists. Ratings and research reports are available from third-party suppliers.

The mobile app thinkorswim features some of the most sophisticated charting packages via mobile with more than 400 indicators. This is a significant advantage for technical analysts pros.

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