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Cheapest Motorcycle Insurance In Georgia – We’ve gathered hundreds of quotes and discovered the cheapest annual insurance price to be $596 from Progressive.

The cost of insurance for motorcycles within Georgia is $776 annually which is $65 per month.

Cheapest Motorcycle Insurance In Georgia  – After studying the more than 250 quotes for insurance and businesses in Georgia We have identified the top firms for customers in Georgia. Find out which Online Motorcycle Insurance recommendations from us meet your requirements or use the tool to compare the quotes of companies in your vicinity.

The most affordable insurance for motorcycles in Georgia

Online Motorcycle Insurance – In Georgia we discovered that the most affordable insurance for motorcycles typically came from Progressive and Allstate next in line. Progressive Motorcycle Insurance Both firms offered quotes of less than $750 annually.

The best insurance for motorcycles for most people: Progressive

Progressive Motorcycle Insurance has the highest rates on motorcycle insurance that we could find in Georgia with the low of $596 per year. This is 23% less than the state average and just $98 more than the second-cheapest alternative, Geico.

Furthermore, Progressive Motorcycle Insurance has a great range of coverage options, including replacement cost protection for new bikes as well as improved protection against injuries.

The service of Progressive is also considered to be solid.

The best for daily riders: Allstate

Online Motorcycle Insurance  Motorcycle riders who utilize their bikes to commute within Georgia could be able to benefit from some special coverages offered by Allstate.

The most notable thing is that it offers rental reimbursement that pays for a replacement vehicle in the event that your motorcycle is repaired. It also provides assistance with towing as well as replacement cost insurance for new bikes. Progressive Motorcycle Insurance

Additionally, we discovered that the rates of Allstate were higher than the average, with a rate of $733 per year, which is just $46 less than state average.

Cheapest Motorcycle Insurance In Georgia 2022 [JUNE]
Cheapest Motorcycle Insurance In Georgia 2022 [JUNE]

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Ideal for families of military personnel: USAA

Geico Motorcycle Insurance Members of the military as well as their families members receive a special discounted motorcycle insurance from USAA. The company offers the most efficient customer service in Georgia however it is only accessible to a small number of customers.

USAA does not offer their own insurance policies for motorcycles however, it works with Progressive. USAA members receive discounts of 5% on their insurance policies and can add it to Progressive’s already affordable rates.

But, USAA is largely online. Geico Motorcycle Insurance

Costs for insurance on motorcycles: City-by city breakdown

Online Motorcycle Insurance  In order to help you comprehend how the cost of insurance for motorcycles differs across Georgia We’ve provided the average annual cost of insurance based on estimates we collected from the largest cities in Georgia.

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We discovered that it’s usually more costly to insure motorcycles in the largest cities of Georgia as in comparison to all of state. It could be because being in an urban setting increases the chance of accidents, due to the density of traffic and intersections with streets.

Comparing Georgia motorcycle insurance providers based on their the quality of customer service

Nationwide Motorcycle Insurance Our top recommendations for motorcycle insurance in Georgia isn’t based on cost by itself. Nationwide Motorcycle Insurance To ensure that we were recommending insurance companies that can be trusted in the case of a claim we also looked up information on the quality of their service. This included data on consumer complaints from the NAIC and ratings of customer satisfaction from AM Best.

These ratings offer us an opportunity to evaluate insurers in regards to the customer service that follows receiving the quote. For instance, an insurance company that has an NAIC Complaint Index below 1.00 is one that is able to cause less consumer complaints than the average business of its size. . After a natural catastrophe or a recession in the economy insurance companies may be unable to meet their obligations to pay claims because of increases in the volume of claims or a decrease on new business. Selecting a stable and financially sound insurer reduces the chance that your insurance company will not be able to cover your claim.

Georgia requires motorcycle licenses. Georgia

Motorcyclists in Georgia need to have an M Class license or an instructional permit for Class M. This is different in comparison to the Class C licence required for four-wheeled vehicles. Class C licenses do not permit you to drive vehicles and Class C licenses won’t permit the use of motorcycles.

Cheap Motorcycle Insurance

Allstate Motorcycle Insurance The possession of a Class M license or permit in Georgia legally permits the driver to drive any type of motorcycle moped, scooter, or mopedwhich are all classed in the category of “motor-driven cycles” Allstate Motorcycle Insurance — that have an engine capacity of more than 50cc. Motor-driven bikes with engines of 50cc or less are able to be operated by any person who is at least 15 years old with an active Class C driver’s permit or license.

Allstate Motorcycle Insurance In the Georgia Department of Driver Services the term “motor-driven vehicle” is defined as any car that has the following characteristics:

  • Three wheels are not more than the maximum.
  • A saddle for riders
  • Handlebars for controlling

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Insurance requirements for motorcycles in Georgia

Georgia’s state law requires that Georgia mandates that everyone who operates in a motor vehicle must have an quantity of insurance for liability in the event incidental accidents. These rules apply regardless of whether you own a car or ride a motorbike. They will cover the expenses you’re responsible for when your actions result in physical injury or property damage to another person.

Any motorcycle insurance plan you’re thinking of buying must be able to meet these minimum coverages, however, this isn’t a huge issue. Insurance companies are aware of these regulations and will probably not offer an insurance policy in the event that the limits of coverage aren’t in line with the legal standards.

It’s also important to note that choosing the minimum amount of coverage could expose you to legal costs that are beyond the limits. In our estimates we’ve utilized much higher limits for bodily injuries and property liability for damage. We’ve also added non-liability protections that cover your bicycle and aren’t legally required however are prudent financially to have in your insurance policy.


To study the cost of motorcycle insurance in Georgia we gathered more than 255 quotes from hundreds of residences across Georgia based on a single profile of a rider. He had over 20 years of experience riding and was recently enrolled in an initial motorcycle education course.

However, every variable can affect the insurance quote as in the same way as the coverage amount you select. In our quote for motorbike insurance, we went for the following limits of coverage:

  • Bodily injury liability insurance for each person: $100,000 or $300,000 per accident
  • Insurance for Collision Included / $500 deductible
  • Complete coverage Includes or $500 deductible
  • Other coverages Not included

The limits for liability we applied are considerably higher and therefore more costly -as compared to the insurance requirements for motorists in Georgia.

We opted for these higher limits because , in our opinion the legally mandated liability limits are not enough to cover the normal cost of the person responsible for an accident. If you’re seeking an insurance policy that meets your legal obligations for the lowest price You’ll likely come across lower quotes than those we chose for our analysis.

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