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What is the ATV insurance coverage
Imagine this. It’s August and you’re on your way to your home after your holiday. You’ve been stuck in your car for a long time and are happy to finally get to your driveway.

ATV Insurance Companies

When you press on the opener for your garage while you wait for it to open, ATV Insurance Companies so that you can park your car and begin loading your bags and other items. As you drive in, something feels odd. There’s more space than you did when you left on holiday. It hits you instantly. Your four-wheeler is gone. The four-wheeler you have been using. ATV Insurance Companies The one you drive to plough your driveway in winter months and to carry your gardening equipment in summer is no more. Some time ago, this occurred in the past to one of our customers.

Best ATV Insurance When he returned from a vacation, he discovered his garage damaged along with the King Ranch four-wheeler missing! It was awful! Then, my customer called me to file an insurance claim for their ATV in their homeowner’s insurance. Best ATV Insurance They were disappointed when I informed them that it was not insured. Many customers are shocked to learn that their ATV doesn’t get covered by the homeowner’s insurance. They believe that so long as they keep their vehicle in their barn or garage it’s covered. It’s covered.

Progressive ATC Insurance However, this isn’t the reality! Your ATV requires an insurance policy of its own. Your homeowner’s insurance will not be able to cover it. If you do not have a policy in place, you self-insure your ATV. Progressive ATC Insurance That means that you’ll need to cover any damages or replace your ATV should something happen to it. To educate our customers about the insurance offered by ATV In order to better inform our customers about ATV insurance, I’ve put together this article that focuses on the fundamentals. In this article, we’ll talk about:

  • Are you required to have ATV insurance?
  • What will ATV Insurance cost?
  • What are the coverages of in an ATV policy?
  • What isn’t covered in An ATV policy?
  • Which insurance companies cover ATVs?

Are you legally required to buy ATV coverage?

If you are only driving the ATV on your property legally, you’re not legally required to buy ATV insurance in accordance with Pennsylvania law. If you are driving your ATV in any other place you are legally required to carry insurance. If you also have an ATV loan the lender will require that you have insurance on your vehicle.

What will ATV Insurance cost?

Who Has Cheapest ATV Insurance Cost of insurance coverage for ATVs can be quite different! I’ve seen policies that go starting at as low as $75 per year and up to $1,000/year. The price for your policy be contingent on three aspects. Who Has Cheapest ATV Insurance

  1. The specifications of your ATV
  2. The deductibles and the coverage
  3. Insured drivers

1. Specifications of your ATV

If you are applying for insurance on your ATV Your agent will require specific details about your ATV. With these information insurers will provide an estimate for the policy. Model, model and year The latest ATVs as well as more expensive ATVs will be more costly to insure than the older or less expensive ATVs. Size of the engine The more powerful your ATVis, the higher you’ll have to be charged for insurance. ATV enhancements

If you’re driving a typical four-wheeler, then the cost of an ATV insurance policy will be significantly smaller than insured for a utility vehicle that has windshield, a hardtop as well as front and rear doors. The more sophisticated the equipment is, the more you’ll have to pay to insure it.

2. The insurance coverage and deductibles

Similar to an insurance for autos policy Similar to auto insurance policies, the majority of ATV policies offer medical and liability insurance. There are also additional coverages , such as collision insurance, uninsured motorist coverage, and underinsured motorist insurance.

The price of your policy is contingent on the insurance coverages you include onto your insurance policy. This includes the limits, as well as your deductable amounts. Your agent will help you determine the right limits for the different coverages.

They will also inform you the impact of different deductibles on the cost of your insurance. Remember, the lower your deductible, the greater the cost of your insurance policy will be.

3. Insured drivers

If you have a policy, you’ll need to identify all those who regularly drive your ATV, even minors. In the event that you’ve got minors listed on your insurance, it will cost you more.

In addition the more drivers you have on your insurance the higher it will cost you.

What are the terms covered by An ATV policy?

Allstate ATV Insurance As I stated in the previous paragraph the minimum ATV policy will provide liability insurance.

The totality of your policy could comprise:

  • Liability
  • Medical Coverage
  • Comprehensive
  • Collision
  • Drivers who are not insured or uninsured
  • Other endorsements

Here’s an illustration from one ATV insurance plan. This policy will provide you with insight into the types of coverages offered by ATV policies. Allstate ATV Insurance


Like automobile insurance the ATV policy has liability insurance. This covers you if you accidently injure someone else or cause damage to property while operating your ATV.

For the majority of policies liability coverage can cost less than $25 and quickly rise to more than $150.

The liability insurance covers two aspects of coverage: bodily injury and property damage.

Bodily Injury

Bodily injuries typically pay the possibility of a $100,000 payout per victim who is injured as a result of your ATV . There is an amount of $300,000.

The amount of your insurance policy will cover will be determined by the limits you choose to set when you purchase your insurance. You may choose limits that are not more than $100,000 or higher than this amount.

Property Damage

If you cause harm to another’s property while riding your ATV, your insurance will be covered for the damage. Most policies will pay up to $100,000 to cover property damage in an accident, and up to $300,000.00 per accident.

Also, the amount your insurance policy will be able to cover is determined at the time you buy your policy. Your agent will provide you with information on the amount of coverage you require.

Medical Coverage

The addition of medical coverage to your insurance policy can give additional protection in case you get injured when driving your ATV. Instead of relying solely on your health insurance to cover injuries you are able to sustain, your policy could include coverage for these costs.

Incorporating medical insurance into your policy is relatively cheap. You should expect to be paying between $30 to $75 for this type of coverage.

As for limits you can get your insurance to provide coverage of up to $25,000 of medical expenses. If you’re injured you don’t need be responsible for a deductible, or copay under this policy.


Comprehensive coverage will protect your ATV when it’s damaged through vandalism or fire. It also provides coverage in the event that your ATV is stolen.

The cost of a comprehensive insurance plan will be between $85 and $180.

As for your limits you are able to decide to set your deductibles at one of the following levels: $250 $, $500, or $1,000.


Collision coverage can provide protection in the event that you strike objects with your ATV for example, another ATV or an object that is stationary. If your ATV is damaged or overturn it the collision coverage will kick in to offer money to repair the damage and , possibly, for the replacement of your ATV.

You are only able to add collision coverage when you buy comprehensive coverage.

Actual Cash Value in comparison to. Replacement Cost

If you have your ATV totaled and you have collision insurance the insurance company will pay the cash value of the ATV or the cost of replacement. It is crucial to know this prior to purchasing your insurance.

In the event of actual cash value the policy will be paid the amount of your ATV at the time it was tallied. Actual cash value is used to calculate depreciation.

In the event of a replacement Your policy will cover the amount it will be to substitute your vehicle by a recreation vehicle that is comparable to yours.

Policies that pay the cost of replacement will be more expensive than those that pay the actual cash value.

Cost of Collision Coverage

Collision insurance is the most costly coverage you could add to your insurance policy. It can cost you more than $200 and could cost more than $1,000 based on the kind of ATV that you’re insuring.

Collision Limits

Limits for collisions are usually set at a total loss, which means that insurance companies be able to cover the replacement cost or the actual worth of cash for the car.

Uninsured Driver

Two additional insurances you can buy on your insurance are the uninsured and underinsured driver coverage.

Uninsured driver insurance will cover you in the event that your ATV is struck by a vehicle whose driver doesn’t have insurance.

If you or another person on your ATV suffers an injury the other driver won’t be covered for medical costs. This means both of you need pay for the expenses of medical treatment for yourself.

Uninsured driver coverage could be as low as $10 in your policy. The policy’s limits could be as small as $15,000 per individual and a maximum of $30,000 for each accident. You can also set it at $100,000 per person for an aggregate of $300,000.

Since a lot of ATV owners use their vehicle for recreational purposes on private property and are unlikely to be hurt by other drivers, they opt out of the coverage.

Underinsured Driver

The coverage for drivers who are underinsured is the same. The only difference is that the person who crashed into your ATV might have some insurance coverage however, it is inadequate to take care of all the medical costs you have to pay due to the accident.

The coverage for drivers who are underinsured is more expensive than uninsured motorist coverage. It is possible to add this coverage for about $20. The limits are comparable to the uninsured motorist coverage of up to $100,000 per driver as well as $300,000.00 per accident.

Other Endorsements

Like you could buy an ATV that has additional features, it is possible to add additional coverages to your insurance plan if you require these.

For example, insurance companies offer endorsements that can be added to an ATV insurance policy to protect the trailer that transports the ATV. The addition of coverage for your trailer is not expensive.

It is also possible to add endorsements for specific features to your ATV. If you’ve installed a stereo system that is expensive such as a stereo system you might want to add protection for the stereo system. Additional custom-designed parts and equipment can be included in your insurance plan to guarantee protection in the event of an accident with your ATV.

What isn’t covered by ATV insurance?

The ATV insurance does not pay for wear and tear to your vehicle. You’ll have to pay for the regular maintenance of your vehicle.

Your insurance policy does not provide coverage for mechanical malfunctions.

There are certain restrictions on the coverage that it provides based on the way you used your ATV. For example, certain policies do not be able to cover bodily injury or injuries when the vehicle was racing at the time the accident happened.

Your policy will clearly define what isn’t covered under the exclusions section of your policy.

Which insurance companies offer ATV insurance?

Best ATV Insurance

A variety of insurance companies offer ATV insurance. However, most insurance companies are specific about the types of ATVs they’ll cover.

In particular, it’s difficult to find insurance coverage for three-wheelersor six-wheelers or eight-wheelers. Insurance companies can also deny coverage for ATVs that have smaller than 150cc’s.

Because we’re the sole agent that is independent, we have access to a variety of companies who write this insurance. Baily Insurance Baily Insurance, we rely on Progressive, SafeCo. And Foremost to provide ATV coverage. These companies offer extremely cost-effective pricing and have the best coverage to our customers.

The main benefit of having an independent agent to obtain ATV coverage is the ability to price your policy using multiple firms and assist you in finding the most competitive price.

I’m in need of ATV insurance. What do I have to do?

If you own an ATV, but don’t possess an insurance plan on it, then you’re self-insuring your vehicle.

A quick reminder that your homeowner’s insurance won’t cover your ATV if anything occurs to it while it is in your garage or on your property or inside a shed or utility structure. If it’s lost in a fire or is stolen or stolen, you won’t be compensated for the loss.

It’s extremely easy to have the coverage you need. For the first step just give us an appointment and provide us the details of your ATV, as well as information regarding the person who will drive it. We’ll also need an idea of the insurance coverages you would like to be added to your insurance.

You can also begin the process by going to our Request an Estimate page. Tell us what you’re looking for , and we’ll be in touch with you within a few hours.

Once we have connected with you We will discuss your policy to different companies. We will then report back with the options available.

Baily Insurance Baily Insurance, Baily Insurance, our team is committed to providing the best insurance protection for our customers at the most affordable cost.

Since 1880, we’ve been protecting what is important to our clients the most – – their families and homes, their business, and the things they’ve put their efforts into!

Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you to ensure that the matters that matter to you are secure!

ATV Insurance Companies, Best ATV Insurance, Progressive ATC Insurance, Who Has Cheapest ATV Insurance, Allstate ATV Insurance

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